May the odds be ever in your favor.

“Got any advice for us?”

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Gamemakers set fire to the arena

  • Gamemakers: I set fire to the trees
  • Gamermakers: Watched it burn as the tributes scream
  • Gamermakers: And i laugh as they run from the fire being throw at their face. Their faceee
  • Katniss:
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  • president snow: seneca, don't give them too much hope
  • seneca crane: TWO TRIBUTES CAN WIN
  • seneca crane: yolo
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katnipsonfire:I’m from District Two, Glimmer is my district partner. I act weak in my interview. Once in the arena, I join the fight at the cornucopia. I grab a dagger before I’m out of there. I team up with CLOVE. My first kill is Brutus . I die from a knife in your back . I ranked 4th.

(this is funny all the time :D)

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